Food stations

There are several food stations in each stage, including the finish one. However, we advise you to always carry a stock of food and fast effect drink for any eventuality.

In fact it is compulsory to have one litter of liquid at the departure of each stage.

The logistics to organize this supply stations in the middle of the Pyrenees makes impossible to guarantee cold water in the food stations.

The combination of energy supplements (drinks, gels, bars, etc.) can affect seriously your digestive system. Try not to mix too many and if possible carry natural products such as bananas or nuts with you.

There won’t be any plastic cups at the food stations. You van fulfil your water bottle or use the re-usable cups. It won’t be allowed to fil your camel bag with enrergy drink. In this case you should bring your own energy salts.

Before the start it will be available in the participant area the detailed information about what you will find in every food station, although we cannot guarantee the presence of all the ingredients as we are subject to what we get from providers int he Pyrenees.

Pasta Party Dinner 

Every evening we will organize a pasta party consisting of a meal of pasta or rice and salad to ensure the replenishment of carbohydrates and vitamins with some proteins from time to time to help recovering.

Attendance at this dinner is not mandatory but during the meal we perform the daily briefing which is very interesting to attend.

Please do not forget your accreditation because you can only access the pasta party  with this pass. In case there are refreshment drinks at the pasta party (other than water) they are due at the time.

Your relatives and friends can come to have the pasta party with you. In case that you only need a ticket for asome days, you can get it at the race office before the dinner beginning. If your supporters will be following you during the whole event, the best is to book the Supporter Pack . It includes accreditation for the supporters to get into everyday’s pasta party and other very interesting items). More information and booking: here. And remember that kids under 12 years pay only 50%.

For all those with nutrition allergies or incompatibility mentioned in the registration form, we will try to have always an alternative diet. However, we cannot guarantee that this will be always possible.

You can see what is in each pasta party in the participant area. The information will be avialable before the start in Roses.


Participants who have reserved the Transpyr Camp will have their breakfast every day close to the camp. Please wear allways your accredittion, will can acces the breakfast room only with this pass. The breakfast menus will be available on the participant area.

Please remember that in Hondarribia there is no Transpyr Camp.

In the participant area you will see what will be included in the Transpyr camp breakfast.

Those that have booked the pack hotel, breakfast is included.

For participants that reserved directly their tourist accommodation it is very important that they assure they will get enough breakfast at a proper time.



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