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Toma de tiempos 

Transpyr Gran Raid MTB es una prueba por etapas de MTB con un formato pionero que combina tramos cronometrados con enlaces a los puntos de etapa, con el extraordinario aliciente de la aventura y el reto personal de lograr unir los dos mares y ser FINISHER en Hondarribia.

En cada etapa habrá, como mínimo, un tramo cronometrado y se dará a conocer el tiempo realizado.

Se puede tomar parte en Transpyr Gran Raid MTB 2017 de manera individual, en equipo, con e-bikes o por relevos, pero solamente se disputa -con sus categorías, podios y clasificaciones- en equipos de dos ciclistas.

En los tramos de enlace no existe toma de tiempos y los participantes cubren el recorrido hasta el tramo cronometrado y desde este hasta el punto de etapa, disfrutando de un itinerario con prestigio internacional, de los extraordinarios paisajes naturales y culturales de los Pirineos, y del compañerismo entre tod@s.


Se consideran finishers los y las participantes que han realizado en bicicleta todos y cada uno de los kilómetros que separan Roses y Hondarribia por el recorrido previsto por la organización y en el horario máximo por ésta establecido. Si por cualquier razón algún tramo, por pequeño que sea, se ha realizado de otra manera o no puede ser comprobado por la organización (fuera del marco del evento), no se considerará Finisher TRANSPYR.

Este año se os entregará un maillot sin marcar el dia de la acreditación. Tod@s aquell@s que se hayan conseguido el meritorio Finisher, podrán personalizar el Maillot en Hondarribia con la distinción Finisher en la carpa habilitada para este fin en la zona de meta.

La talla de estas piezas finisher intentará adecuarse a las tallas que nos has informado en tu ficha de participante, pero considerando que los fabricantes tienen a veces alguna diferencia de patrón, no se podrá cambiar ninguna prenda por temas de tallas. Agradecemos tu comprensión.



Transpyr Gran Raid MTB is a multi-stage MTB event with a pioneering format that combines timed sections with links to the stages points, with the extraordinary incentive of the adventure and the personal challenge of join the two seas and being FINISHER in Hondarribia.

At each stage there will be at least one timed section and the time will be announced.

You can take part in Transpyr Gran Raid MTB 2017 individually, as a team, with e-bikes or relays, but only teams of two riders will have categories, podiums and classifications.

In the link sections there is no time-taking and the participants cover the route to the timed section (special stage) and from this point to the stage, enjoying an itinerary with international prestige, the extraordinary natural and cultural landscapes of the Pyrenees, and the Companionship among all.


Finishers are considered the participants who have ride each and every one of the miles that separate Roses from Hondarribia in the course planned by the organization. If for any reason a stretch, no matter how small, has been done differently or cannot be verified by the organization (outside the framework of the event) it won’t be considered TRANSPYR finisher.

This year you will receive a jersey on the day of the accreditation. All those who will obtain the meritorious Finisher, will be able to customize this same jersey with the Finisher distinction in Hondarribia in the tent enabled for this purpose near the finish line.

The finisher garment is intended to fit you, according to the size that you informed in your personal data, but considering that manufacturers sometimes have a size difference, we cannot change any garment sizing issues. We appreciate your understanding.


Your security is vital for us.

Please, read this text carefully. Besides it, do not forget to assist at the daily information briefing that will be held after the pasta party in the evening.

Compulsory insurance

To take the start in TRANSPYR, any registered person must be covered by an accident insurance and a civil liability insurance according to current regulations and valid for the course of the stage, that is, while covering the journey from the start to the arrival of each one of the seven stages. In 2017, these insurances are provided by the organization and included in the Participant Pack, but the participant must provide as much information as is necessary for its formalization
Medical Service, injuries and continuity

Transpyr Coast to Coast is the unique quest to cross the Pyrenees from sea to sea, and the organisation supports participants during the course of the different stages.

The medical service provided by Transpyr Coast to Coast covers the first health care and rescue during the completion of the stage. It starts at the beginning of the stage to assist cases of accidents during this time until the participants finish the stage. After the end of the stage the Transpyr Coast to Coast Medical Service finishes their duty.

In case that a participant has a medical need after crossing the finish line, he or she can be assisted by the local Spanish  Medical Center because when the stage is over, the Transpyr Coast to Coast Medical Service will leave the location, and in consequence, for any medical need (gastroenteritis, sores, fever, …) the participant will have to be assisted by the local Spanish medical center (not the Transpyr Coast to Coast Medical Service which is not in operation anymore). The organization will help to indicate the location of the local medical services where the participant have to go by their own (or by a taxi). It will important that you have your own European Medical Assistance Card our your personal medical insurance with you.

If, during the course of a stage, a participant requires medical services, there must always be a record of the care performed by this medical service of the organization. This point is obligatory and it is especially important to avoid those eventual cases in which a transfer to a medical center and / or eventual convalescence is required. The organization will not be responsible for processing or dealing with any aspect related to the aforementioned insurance coverage that has not been communicated to it in a timely manner.

In case of incident in the course of each stage (fall, injury, mechanical problem, health), the organization will move the biker until the town of the end of this stage. If one cyclist do not ryde on one stage he/she will be allowed to ride on the next one.

Control points

Control points are also a tool to provide security

Food stations might be used as control points.

There can also be surprise controls on the way.

For the last check point, the organization will set a time limit (calculated as a safety margin) from which bikers cannot go on. In this case, they must return with the organization safety car and may start at the next stage, but cannot be awarded as finishers. The organization may also, at its discretion, set a maximum arrival time for each stage.

Riding in groups

In Transpyr Gran Raid MTB you participate individualy or in a team of two or three people. The team should be maintained throughout the event and must go together throughout every stage, allowing a separation of maximum two minutes. In the event that a team is riding with more than two minutes separation, the security team can force its members to provide themselves with a GeoLocator in the race office (paying the respective cost) for the remaining stages without exceptions.

We strongly insist to demand all participants to ride accompanied. It is above all a security measure. The Pyrenees, like any mountain range, can be very friendly with good weather. During thunderstorms, fog or strong winds, the unexpected can be fatal. Consider that you travel on unmarked ground for tens of miles without finding anyone. Going alone in these conditions is imprudent for you, the organization and the rescue team that will go to your aid.


If you have to leave the event, you should immediately inform the check points or the race office, giving your electronic chip and accreditation pass. If you do not inform about it, we will start a search and rescue at your own cost.

In case of abandonment is your responsibility to take care of your return home or to the starting point. Of course we will do our best to help you in this matter.

Your comrades can continue individually but must carry the geo locator device (paying the respective cost). We strongly recommend to cycly with other participants in the same situation or with a team that accepts to take them with.

 In any case, the organization only responds and takes care of the participants that are located in and follow the track, i.e., which are located in the exact route planned by the organization. This statement includes the potential and possible detours to be made on the motion by force majeure.


Bike Park

The security of your bike is also very important. The organization will NOT be responsible in any moment or in any case of the possible deterioration or disappearance of bicycles of the participants.
The organization will have in different places some supports to hang the bicycle on it. One of these supports, usually located in the area of the “Camp”, has the night parking function. That is, at night, the organization will wire the bicycles that are in this specific support, and a member of the staff of the organization will be present and awake in the area all night. However, this service can NOT be understood as a bicycle checkroom and the organization will NEVER be responsible for what can happen to bicycles. The participant is the one who freely decides to use or not this overnight parking.

In any case and in general, it is very important to always have the bicycles controlled, and it is always advisable to carry a lock.


Important notice: Transpyr is both physically and mentally demanding. It is essential that riders are fit to participate and hold the appropriate licences and insurances. This compulsory requirements are measures taken for the benefit of the participant and due to legal regulations.


The Participant Pack of TRANSPYR GRAN RAID MTB, C2C RELAY, E-TRANSPYR, TRANSPYR EAST and TRANSPYR WEST 2017 edition includes the compulsory insurance to take part in this cycling event.

You will find the coverages of this insurance in your participant area (HERE). It is important that you take a look on it and evaluate if you need an extra insurance to complete it.



Every participant of Transpyr in all modalities, have to present at the accreditation in Roses, the medical certificate that can be find in the Participant Area (HERE). This medical certificate must be signed by the doctor or medical collegiate who supervised the examination, with her/his collegiate number, the date of the examination and the limit date of validity.


Nota importante: Transpyr Gran Raid MTB es una prueba de alta exigencia física y psicológica. Los requisitos obligatorios a cumplir en materia de seguros son medidas tomadas para el bien del participante.


El Pack Participante de Transpyr Gran Raid MTB, C2C RELAY, E-TRANSPYR, TRANSPYR EAST Y TRANSPYR WEST 2017 incluye por primera vez el seguro obligatoirio necesario para participar en la prueba, así que este año no necesitas estar en posesión de ninguna licencia ciclista especial.

Las coberturas de este seguro estaran disponibles en tu area participante (AQUÍ), a la que puedes acceder con tu login i contraseña. Es aconsejable leerlo y evaluar si se quiere contratar algun seguro complementario.


Todo participante deberá entregar en el momento de la acreditación en Roses el certificado médico que se encuentra en el área participante (AQUÍ).

El certificado médico deberá obligatoriamente ir sellado y firmado por el colegiado médico que ha supervisado la revisión, su número de colegiado, la fecha de la revisión y la fecha límite de validez.